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finding hope and healing after discovering your partner's sexual addiction

New resources for partners!
We are excited to tell you about two wonderful new resources that are now available to you, and to any other woman you know who is facing the pain and confusion that sex addiction brings into our lives browser based trading platform in Malaysia, families, and marriages. Because I personally experienced amazing support and profound healing through telephone coaching as my own world fell apart during the last few years, I have come to believe that coaching holds huge potential for hurting partners everywhere...continue reading

Partner's Healin Partner's Healing Journey Workbook
"This workbook really gave me something tangible to focus on - to give words to my feelings in a way that talk-only support could not. Its purposefulness inspired growth and direction. I learned things about myself and about God that I had never known. It was a wonderful part of my recovery process."
- Lyn Christy
Minneapolis, MN

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Living with Your Husband's Secret Wars
When you discover your husband is involved in sexual in - whether it's lust, pornography, infidelity, or some other behavior - pain whips through you like a tornado. more information

Did you just find out about his addiction?
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Welcome, from Counselor and Author
Marsha Means, MA!
Through personal experience Ive discovered that coaching can be a powerful resource when were confused and hurting. It helped me through my darkest hours. Im excited to share that we now have a team of trained coaches available to you, as well, women who understand your pain because they, too, have experienced it.
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